Wannabe Spacemen and Dying Birds
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Wannabe Spacemen and Dying Birds

A couple of highlights from the day job.

At the tail end of last week, New Scientist launched a competition to allow one lucky person to win a trip to space. Why does this involve me? Well, the entry mechanism is, in fact, built around a Movable Type Enterprise blog. And very spiffy it is, too:

Win a Trip To Space

The entries are flooding in, too, and nothing’s broken, which is a huge relief.

About the same time, Farmers Weekly launched its third blog, Food for Thought:


With an impeccable sense of timing, it chose to do it just as the latest Bird Flu scare hit the nation, with thousands of turkeys perishing long before their normal December cull. The editor of Poultry World is posting regularly on the topic, which is great. FWi also has a general information page on the Suffolk Bird Flu situation.

Plug over.


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