Kill It, Cook It, Get Uptight About It
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Kill It, Cook It, Get Uptight About It

Yes, yes, I know I’ve fallen all silent again. My work load has hit the stratosphere and helping people at work to blog is leaving precious little time for personal blogging.

However, I can’t resist pointing to a post entitled Kill It, Cook It, Eat It on Food for Thought, one of our farming blogs:

Over three nights, food journalist Richard Johnson, butcher John Mettrick, slaughter man Steven Mettrick and chef Rachel Green will bring together two moments the public have separated: the death of an animal and the consumption of its meat.

An invited group of guests will watch the team slaughter and butcher the animals – then be served a variety of cuts.

17 comments and growing. Nothing attracts controversy like pointing out that meat is dead animals. How insulated from reality our culture is sometimes…


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