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Movable Type 4 is here (and I mean here)

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For the last couple of days, this blog has been running on the release version of [Movable Type 4](, and very pleased I am with it, too. I’ve been playing with it since the first beta back in June, and been using it for day to day blogging since the first release candidate a couple of weeks back.And it’s a huge improvement, it really is. It’s not perfect, but it really makes MT into a usable web CMS. All of the hacks I’ve shown this too at our palatial Surrey offices have been champing at the bit to get hold of it, and we’re actually holding a couple of projects back because they’ll be easier to launch in MT4.

At RBI, we’re users of the Enterprise version of the system, and Six Apart are attentive enough to their customers to have consulted us about our needs and desires for the new version months ago. It’s pleasing to see much of what we wanted already in version 4, and I know that other elements are in the road map for later releases. It’ll be a couple of month before MT4 is up and running on our work servers, which is a shame, because after working on my personal blog (these fine, edifying words you’re reading now) using the new WYSIWYG editor and the clean, rich new interface, it feels like a step backwards to login to the work server. It’s a bit like shifting back to OS8 from OSX, or back to Windows 3.11 from Windows XP…

I’ve got a bit of work I want to do to the templates here before I talk too much more about the new functionality the upgrade has brought to OM&HB, so look for some more posts about MT4 over the weekend.

As ever, if you find anything broken, e-mail me, if you’d be so kind.

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