The BBC Blogs Beat us to Movable Type 4
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The BBC Blogs Beat us to Movable Type 4

BBC Internet BlogNicholas, the chap in charge of the technical side of our MT4 upgrade, emailed this story about the BBC’s blog upgrade this morning. They’ve beaten us to Movable Type 4, probably helped by the cunning use of those good folks at Headshift.

It’s nice to see that another big blog platform has been successfully upgraded, though, and I did find their stats interesting. Jem Stone gives their numbers at about 12,000 blog posts – about half of what we’ve published – and 1 million comments, which is many, many times what we’ve achieved. That suggests that the Beeb blogs are getting better engagement than us, which wasn’t a huge surprise to me. We still have a lot of work to do on creating the sort of blogs people want to engage with, not just read. That said, as a colleague pointed out, the BBC’s audience is probably many, many times ours, so in terms of ratio of comments to visitors, we may not actually be doing that badly.
Anyway, congratulations to the folks behind the BBC blogs. And, um, if you hit any major problems, could you warn us in the next week or so? 


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