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Thoughts from The Tuttle Club Breakfast

The Tuttle Club Breakfast

I’ve just left today’s [Tuttle Club](http://londonsocialmediacafe.pbwiki.com/Tuttle+Club+Breakfast) (or should that be Social Media Café?) [Breakfast](http://londonsocialmediacafe.pbwiki.com/Tuttle+Club+Breakfast), held at the rather lovely [One Alfred Place](http://www.onealfredplace.com/). 
As always at events organised by [Lloyd](http://perfectpath.wordpress.com/), it was a bit of a brain-stuffer. Lots of chance to chat with people from a wide variety of fields all of whom have an interest in social media. 
In no particular order, the ideas I took away from the session which I’ll probably blog about more later are:
- How you might facilitate real-time metrics for journalists - How to maintain passion as a medium endures, and what we can learn from the mistakes made as business magazines matured - How job titles can be the biggest barrier to organisational change - Is routine the enemy of passion? - What can we learn about physical working spaces from online social media spaces?
As you can see, it was a very trivial, light-weight discussion…