3 Mobile Broadband: Rural Failure

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Three Mobile Dongle in use

Mr Rogers reminded me of the recent post by Mr OnionBagBlog decrying the performance of his 3 mobile broadband dongle, querying how this tallied with my own experience.

Well, in all honesty, in the best part of three weeks I’ve been in Suffolk, dealing with Mum’s death, the 3 network has failed me utterly. I have not been able to find the slightest sniff of a signal anywhere. Indeed, this has been my experience of the dongle every time I step away from a major city.

This is clearly not a general problem – 9 times out of 10, the dongle can see signals from the other networks. There’s just no 3 signal to be found. My free time with this dongle must be coming to an end and, while I’m keen to get one for my own use, the coverage problems mean that I won’t be using 3 in any circumstances.

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