Getting Social at Web 2.0 Expo Berlin
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Getting Social at Web 2.0 Expo Berlin

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Many publishing businesses are heavily involved with the events business too, and I find the growing use of the web to support conferences before they occur increasingly fascinating. In a blog post earlier in the week, Janetti Chon outline the [online initiatives they’re using to support Web 2.0 Expo Berlin]( this year. 
There’s a [social network for the event at Crowdvine]( I first saw these springing up for conferences last year, and they’re a really excellent way of identifying in advance contacts who will be at the event. Here’s [my profile in the network](
There’s a whole series of satellite events around the conference (not unlike the ones you see at our party conferences in the UK, I suppose), including a [BarCamp](, which are being gathered together under the banner of [Berlin Web Week]( 
And then there’s the [blogger outreach programme](, of which I am a part. That’s why I have a handy-dandy [discount code for Web 2.0 Expo Berlin](, that you can use to save 35% off the registration price. Just use the code webeu08gr9 when you [register]( I’d really like to get some blogger outreach going with some of RBI’s events, so I’m finding my participation in the programme an educational experience…


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