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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

My feet don’t seem to have touched the ground since I started back at EG on Wednesday. Things are moving pretty quickly.

First of all, we have a blog for MIPIM 2009 up and going, albeit in basic form. MIPIM is the huge property trade show that happens in Cannes in France annually. Popular property industry rumour suggests that it brings more money to the town than the film festival does. It’ll prove a fertile ground for the EG folks to experiment with, I’m sure, but for now it’s given over to two members of the industry who are riding to Cannes.

Also just launched is the first episode of the Estates Gazette podcast, produced by EGi’s multimedia reporter, Helen Roxburgh, with a little help from Mr Big Biofuel Blog. It’s not in iTunes yet (give us a week or so), but you can snag it from the Estates Gazette podcast site.

Oh, and one of my colleagues bought me a belated blog birthday cake:

Blog Birthday CakeWin.

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