Why embracing technology and your community should be central to everything you do


And with this I move to technology, the thing that Adam actually asked me to talk about. The use of technology is also such an exciting part of working on the web. There really is a movable feast of widgets, infographics and applications out there to explore to make information delivery more dynamic and exciting.

What surprises me is the amount of fear that exists in this industry about these technologies.Part of this fear comes from an ever growing workload and lack of having time to explore new things, both fears that i accept completely. The fear i don’t understand revolves around the democratisation that blogging and Twitter brings,meaning that any Tom, Dick or Disco Stu can be a journalist, making good, sound journalism obsolete.

But these technologies are only platforms and won’t in themselves strike the death knell of journalism. The sound principles of journalism will always exist; the quality will always shine through. The fall will occur however if we don’t adopt these new things quickly, if we don’t follow the trends and see how these new technologies best fit our organisation. If nothing else, these new technologies provide an exceptionally exciting opportunity for those willing to take that leap.

The key right now is to keep providing good content that is applicable and useful to your users. Proving this is pivotal our brand’s future successes.

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