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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth
Connecting – people want to connect with other people, as well as content and information. They do that using social software outside the organisation. Bring that inside the network.
Communicate – we all have a human need to communicate. Lots of lessons in how pople use the social web, and bring it inside the network.
Co-operation – The success stories of social networking are around this. No defined end goal – just an ability to share things organically. Very difficult for companies to get their heads around because they want the control.
Collaboration – Putting things in place to get the job done – wikis, etc.
Speed and Flexibility – the old model of IT deployment is dead. No longer good enough to take 6 months while the IT department works out if there’s a business need. If I need a wiki and the internal one isn’t good enough, they will go an use a web one. That’s a bigger threat than getting speedier.
Ease of Use – Why do we continue to put clunky, horrible, difficult to use software in front of our employees?
Demand – Do it based on demand. What do they want? What are they suing?
Individual value – Flickr isn’t successful because people want to contribute to a mass of photographs, but because they can share their photo. There must be good personal reasons for employees to use the tools.
Organisational culture – If you’re not a collaborative company, there’s no point in using those tools. 
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