One Man & His Blog what Twitter would be if it was built as part of the open web what Twitter would be if it was built as part of the open web

For the last couple of months, I’ve been really enjoying using, a Kickstarted Twitter-like microblogging service. It has made some interesting design choices – like not disclosing how many people follow you, and keeping Favourites as a purely personal bookmarking tool – that tend to promote real discussions on there.

Best of all, it’s not a silo like Twitter; it’s built with the tools of the open web. As Brent Simmons puts it:

We could be excused for thinking that is like — a Twitter alternative greeted with enthusiasm but that eventually closed.

It’s not the same thing, though, and I’ll explain why. is not an alternative silo: instead, it’s what you build when you believe that the web itself is the great social network.

That’s the important part: even if doesn’t last (though I believe it will), the idea — that the web itself is where we are and where we talk to each other — will continue.

If this intrigues you, you can sign up for, and you can follow my, too.

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