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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Lloyd Davis Tuttle Club curator and founder Lloyd Davis is talking about what Alan Patrick just described as the “Groucho Club of this” – this being social media. Tuttle has survived for 2 years despite being open to all.

Lloyd is comparing running the Tuttle Club to running a children’s party – stop bad stuff happening early, and make sure the goldfish are safe…
Diversity and inclusion are key – anyone can come along (despite people e-mail every week to ask for permission – no need!). But he’s not trying to create something for everybody – just for anybody. Lloyd feels that he has to carry uncertainty for the group – someone has to say “it’s going to be OK – I’ll keep coming here. Even if it’s just me, it’ll be on.”
“I know more about people, but not in a creepy way, because I see them every week.” That leads to more opportunity for serendipitous meeting and connection. No advertising campaigns. No brands. The best promotion is to do cool stuff and talk about that on the internet, where we live. It’s been supported by the rise of things like Twitter. People always criticise online networking for taking you away from real people – and that’s why we do Tuttle. 
Deliberately, the only time we have everyone’s attention is at 11am when Lloyd does the parish notices. What we do on Friday mornings were meant to be a prototype for the Social Media Café – and they still are. There’s a consulting arm up and going – and the client is lapping it up. There will be more of this. We have an opportunity to start working together, and doing something of economic value and use. 
We’re going to do more and more cool stuff. 
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