![John Bell](http://www.onemanandhisblog.com/assets_c/2010/02/IMG_2931 - Version 2-thumb-240x360-1593.jpg)After a public information film for the charity sector, we’re on to John Bell of Ogilvy.

And… he opens well. “How do we go from social media being a token effort for a brand.”
The CMO’s dilemma: after a year of experimenting with social media, they really thought they’d cracked the social media code: Facebook apps, blogger outreach. But with no real way to measure, it seemed like a whole load of work for very little tangible return. He longed for mass media… They’d just ported traditional marketing over to social media.
- 90% of Facebook interaction happens on the Wall – so is an application the right way to go? <–good question,="" too="" infrequently="" asked.="" -="" are="" your="" people="" sharing="" their="" best="" practices="" internally?="" do="" you="" have="" a="" forum="" for="" this? ="" leadership="" tends="" to="" go="" the="" highest="" budget="" –="" this="" can="" be="" problem. ="" paid="" media="" is="" not="" antithesis="" of="" social="" it="" antichrist.="" quick="" way="" boost="" awareness.="" <="" div="">
In essence, he’s arguing that a successful strategy is not just a series of disconnected initiatives that chase after the latest social media “hot thing”, it’s about a co-oridnated and managed series of activities that lead to a brand community forming (and that doesn’t mean building a “community” on your site – but building a real community across active social media sites). 
Some key questions:
- If you met your brand at a party, how would you describe it? - How would it speak? - If it could invite its customers over, what would they do together?
Great talk. Hope that the slides go up afterwards.