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#likeminds - Emergent Media for person-to-person communication

Joanne Jacobs is up and talking.

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These are emergent media. There is a perception out there that social media has produced personal to personal business. It could be the other way around – because we’re naturally social, we had to produce this system.

We are now at a point where you can explore where these tools can help you in your business.

“The vast majority of the market don’t have an iPhone and aren’t going to get one”

The ability to have conversations based on location, based on context is interesting.

Symbian – already capable of geotagging. Technology is here.If you have a service you can offer to people, you can use existing technologies.

Augmented reality – retail – good way of informing customers about alternatives on the shelf.

We are developing society which is more visually-orientated. People over 30 are more text-oriented. Under 30 are more visual. This is where games are an opportunity.

We’re spending 68 hours per month online. Time is precious –  we need to be doing things that are interesting, engaging and effective. Right info, right place and right time – we need filtering systems.

Most techs are at innovator stage – but gap between that and mainstream adoption is five years. Invest now.

Everyone in the world is a publisher and player. What becomes scarce? Editors and referees. Create businesses around better filters. That creates better person to person communication.

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Adam Tinworth   Adam Tinworth

Adam has been a blogger for over 20 years, and a journalist for more than 25. He currently works as a consultant and trainer, helping people do better, more engaged online journalism.


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