Morning Coffee Reading: Post-Easter Link Dump

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Some heavyweight stuff that’s been sitting in my tabs over the holiday weekend:

- [A last act of insanity by delusional content companies]( – Kevin Anderson, who seems to have been liberated to write by taking voluntary redundancy from [The Guardian]( "The Guardian"), skewers the pricing models that some publishers are adopting on the [iPad]( "iPad") – and highlights some innovation, too. (Read the comments, too.) My gut feeling is that Kevin & Suw’s blog is going to be essential reading for the next few months… - [Anatomy of incompetence]( – Talking of insanity, Alan take a book of military theory, and extracts useful learning for hierarchical organisations trying to reshape to adapt to a different battlefield. A bit like the position media companies find themselves in, in fact… - [Collapse of Complex Business Models]( – And, on a similar note, [Clay Shirky]( "Clay Shirky") who is as much the explicator of the decline of newspapers as its prophet, returns to the theme by looking at the factors of societal collapse and how they can apply to businesses. This essay is the first cogent explanation of why so many media types reach first for “expensive and complex” in an area when “cheap and simple” is the real innovation (like video). - On a lighter, but rather useful, note, Steph highlights one of the [forgotten benefits of blogging]( – one that I often use. Blogging *is* the new thinking aloud. - And, here’s a sideways look at user experience: [The Impossible Bloomberg Makeover]( - To finish, some serious thinking about [online business communities](
Hope that was a good, long coffee break…
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