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Was This An Online Election?

So, how has the online media done on this election? The BBC has reported unprecedented levels of traffic to its site this morning, but Paul Bradshaw has a good post up, suggesting that there’s a degree of homogenisation amongst the online news outlets.

One of *Computer Weekly*‘s bloggers is claiming that [It Was Twitter Wot Won It](, but I’m not sure I agree. Pre-election, I found Twitter too much of an echo chamber, and I’ve seen both Labour and LibDem supporters acknowledging that overnight. I’ve actually found it more interesting in the last eight hours or so, for discussion of consequences, rather than as a bellwether for the likely result. 
Personally, I got most of my news from the TV – the BBC in fact – only switching largely to the internet once I got into the office. How about you?

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Adam Tinworth   Adam Tinworth

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