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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

A couple of blog posts that have been hanging around in tabs for a few days now, and which deserve some linkage:

Kristine Lowe posted a thoughtful look at how the rise of social media is reshaping our [expectations of what journalism looks like](
> While thinking about how social media has changed, some would say blurred, the lines between private and public, between work and play, for an op-ed published yesterday (in Norwegian) it struck me that what we’re experiencing now is just growing pains, a temporary phase while we transition from old to new ways of thinking, or perhaps we could even speak of paradigms.
And Patrick Smith looks at the continuing [lack of linking]( on websites published by traditional media companies:
> But for the national newspapers and magazines, in the majortiy of cases they have no such excuse and the fact is that many simply choose not to send readers elsewhere. We’re the best, our readers love us, why would anyone go anywhere else?
The discussion in the comments pushes the ideas in there much further, so do [read on]( 
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