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Tumblr Time for Publishers?

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I [wrote about Tumblr]( a couple of weeks ago as part of a general post on the new blogging. Looks like it’s starting to reach a critical mass of [awareness amongst the journalism community](
> My verdict?…well, our American friends across the pond are beginning to embrace it with open arms, with Newsweek and Rolling Stone both signing up to engage their readers in conversation. Will the UK be next to jump on the bandwagon? Tumblr’s figures are certainly impressive
What would those figures be?
> Founded by David Karp in 2007, Tumblr was created as a way for the average person to easily manage a blog without the complications inherent in a search engine-friendly application like WordPress. Think of your grandmother being able to start a blog and that gives you an idea. > > To date Tumblr has about 6.6 million users and apparently 25,000 new people are signing up every day.
And there’s a growing resource of guides to using the site for promoting your content:
- [The Five Keys to Tumblr for Media Outlets]( - [Five Simple Tumblr Rules for Old and New Media](
**The **[**TL;DR**](;_didn't_read)** version:**
*It’s a content-focused social network, that makes it trivial for people to share your content around. Find people who like the sort of stuff you do, and you’ve found a source of traffic. *
* *
Maybe this is where we should have been looking for the next big thing, instead of Google Wave?
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