Readability & Instapaper & ??? = Profit
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Readability & Instapaper & ??? = Profit

I may be guilty of burying the lead in my post this afternoon about Readability. To be honest, I though the business model was interesting, but wouldn’t go very far. But Matthew Ingram has been doing some digging:

…now [Arc90]( "Arc90") is focusing on the paid model — and has formed a partnership with [Instapaper]( "Instapaper"), a web app that allows readers to save articles for later reading, and also strips out all the graphics and ads. Instapaper’s creator, [Marco Arment]( "Marco Arment") (formerly with blog-publishing tool Tumblr and who is also an advisor to Arc90) says the new service is “one of the most positive, constructive efforts I’ve seen in the online publishing world in a long time.”
That’s kinda interesting. They’re partnering with the other major “simplify reading” system? It’s a distinctly new business model around content. I am now officially Paying Attention. Apologies for the earlier lapse… 😉
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