Telegraph goes paid-for on the iPad

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Well now, this is interesting:

Free website, £9.99 a month for the iPad app. So the question here is: 
*Will people pay for a convenient package and experience?*
I have my doubts, but it’s certainly a question worth asking.
Other things to note:
- They’re using the iTunes subs model - It’s free for existing *Telegraph* subscribers - The future of the existing iPad “Best of” app is unclear. It’s still working in its current form, but the new version is an update. So, to try out the new paid service, I say goodbye to the old free one. Clearly, there will be no new users of the old app, as it’s been replaced in the app store, but will they cut off access to those who choose not to update? **UPDATE**: Yes, access to content via the old app will be “winding down” in the next few days, a [helpful tweet from the Telegraph]( folks informs me.
Downloading the new version now…
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