Podcasting productivity peak? Perhaps

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

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Just next to where I’m sitting today, we’ve got podcasting training going on for the Estates Gazette, New Scientist and ICIS Heren teams, in our central London offices. It’s all in the capable hands of Ewan Spence (who has made the odd appearance on this blog before), and going rather swimmingly, from the sounds coming from the room.

Podcasting is one of those things that feels like it has sneaked its way onto the plateau of productivity on the Garner Hype Cycle, and thus everyone has stopped talking about it as something special and exciting. It’s a core part of my working day, as I listen to podcasts on my commute to and from work, using the time to catch up on the latest news and thinking in the areas that affect my work.

There was an interesting article published on GigaOm yesterday looking at the development of TWiT, one of the most successful podcast networks out there. Much to learn there, I think. Interesting video, too…


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