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Giving OM&HB a little CloudFlare

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A brief diversion into administrivia. People with no interest in self-hosted blog platforms can move right along. There’s nothing for the like of you here. 🙂
This blog has languished somewhat, from a technology point of view. Apart from switching to [Disqus]( "DISQUS") for the commenting, I’m essentially running on the same bit of software I’ve been using for [four years now]( – nearly half the lifetime of the blog… That has to change sometime soon, and I’ll make the decision between [Movable Type]( "Movable Type") 5, [Melody]( "Melody") or the more challenging shift to [WordPress]( "WordPress") sometime later in the year, when I gave a little more personal bandwidth to get stuff like this done.
In the meantime, and in the quest for faster loading of the blog, I’ve activated a service called [CloudFlare]( "CloudFlare"):
It’s acting a combined [content distribution network]( "Content delivery network"), security service and all-round site speeder-upper (a technical term, you understand…). I’ve had it running for around four hours now, and all seems fine. Load times are noticeably down on what they were before, and I’ll be interested to see if that has any influence on site traffic.
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