Like Minds Exeter 2012 Liveblogs - day one

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Like Minds 2012 Exeter audience

Links to my liveblogs of day one of Like Minds Exeter 2012
**Morning session:**
- [Russ Lidstone: Why what you do matters]( – Russ kicked off the “ideas festival” with a talk that played straight to the core issues of the conference, and which explores the niches in society that make targeting so important - [Shannon Springer – reflecting interconnectedness in business]( – Shannon gave a passionate talk, on behalf of the young people demanding more awareness of the society and environment business rests upon. - [John Richardson – 1000 hours to transform your life]( – John’s powerful talk about the rewards (and price paid) to follow your dream and be successful - [Robert Bean – the 9½ rules of branding]( – A talk that’s just as much about how to make a great business as a great brand. 
**Afternoon Session:**
- [Panel discussion: does what you do matter?]( – the only session of the day that felt unsuccessful to me. You may disagree. 🙂 - [Meg Grogan: challenging your business from within]( – 1000heads takes the conference’s theme to heart - [Endeavour: teaching children to problem solve in new ways]( – Giving children problem-solving skills for the mobile age. - [Chris Moss – solving your business challenges]( – Chris does problem solving and advice to audience questions live on stage
** Fun**:
[![The Like Minds VIPs in Exeter's Guildhall](](
[![A little tipple](](

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