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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

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Blimey. It’s been a bit quiet around here, hasn’t it?

Here’s why: I’ve just moved. We finally have the house we have been working towards for the past five years or so, and not before time, given that our first child is just a few months away…

Those two facts, by the way, are the missing elements of the story of my redundancy: RBI decided to part company with me while I was in the middle of buying a house, and my wife was in the early stages of pregnancy. Nice timing, guys.

Some people wondered why I threw myself so fiercely into a job hunt back in December, given that the redundancy settlement was generous – certainly generous enough that I could take several months off without any concern at all. Well, now you know the answer: child on the way, house purchase in progress. Doing all that without a job looked like a frightening prospect back then.

But here’s the thing: we sorted out the house purchase without the job, and I’m finding the contracting opportunities more welcoming, and more enjoyable, than the job opportunities I’m seeing in front of me right now (and that’s meat for several more blog posts to come). And so, I’m no longer a job hunter. I’m a freelance consultant, blogger and trainer (who might accept the right job offer).

2012 is certainly proving to be a year of changes for me…

Keep your eyes on this blog for the next few days, if you want to know a few more details of what I’ve got planned – it’s not so much adders 2.0 as adders 3.0.


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