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NEXT Berlin 2012 - liveblogs

The crowd at NEXT Berlin 2012

Ah, I love [NEXT]( Unlike many tech-based conferences, which are very rooted in the now, they have a remarkable knack of looking about two years into the future, and giving you a sense of what the world might look like then. I’ve been working with them since January, and it’s one of the pieces of work I enjoy the most. Here’s all the liveblogging I did for them earlier in the month:
**Day One**
- [The Future of the Network and the History of the Computer ](– two keynotes that kicked off the conference, with [René Obermann]( "René Obermann") of Deutsche Telecom talking about a more open future for mobile networks, and George Dyson showing how the past of computing might point its way to the future. - [Towards the internet of things]( – four talks about the emerging world of networked smart objects - [Designing Digital Services by Putting People First]( – a great talk for agencies and product managers by Lousia Heinrich of Fjord, about human-centric success - [Making Books into a shareable experience]( – [Henrik Berggren]( "Henrik Berggren") of Readmill has ideas of how to make eBooks more networked. - [Hacker kids, Maker culture and Wired clothing]( – my personal favourite session of the first day. It felt like a glimpse into the culture of five years hence – or what talking to the [Homebrew Computer Club]( "Homebrew Computer Club") must have been like.  - [TV to come , TV to go]( – a panel looking at visions of Future TV.  - [The startup pitch winners](
**Day Two**
- [The velocity of digital business]( – Ajaz Ahmed and James Hilton of [AKQA]( "AKQA") with a vision of doing great work in a digital age - [Give the teddy bears WiFi]( – Russell Davies’ grab-bag talk of ideas from the future - [Selling fashion online and printed clothes]( – a weird mix of pragmatic advice about selling clothes online – and whole new ways of creating clothes, including 3D printed bikinis! - [Three views of the future of media]( – always connected consumers, updating eBooks and the psychology of publishing - [Dave Weinberger & the future of everything]( – not a children’s adventure novel, whatever the title makes it sound like. 😉 Mr Weinberger takes us on a gallop through the likely consequences of the networked world.  - [James Bridle: Moving beyond the fanfics of technology and place]( – a brain-stretching journey through the cultural consequences for places and ideas of mash-up culture
[Videos of all the sessions]( are flowing onto the site now. Loads of juicy brain food for you there!
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