When in Berlin, Liveblog
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When in Berlin, Liveblog

NEXT Berlin official bloggerBerlin. Possibly the throbbing heart of continental Europe’s digital scene. Certainly the scene of one of my most over-written opening paragraphs in years. But then, what else can a city like this stimulate in you? One of the opening parties last night featured a woman dressed as a peacock. That’s all you need to know.

Oh, perhaps you also need to know that I’m here for NEXT Berlin, the annually digital conference that I enjoyed so much last year. And, like last year, I’ll be liveblogging it. Unlike last year, I won’t be liveblogging it here – I’ll be posting on the official NEXT Blog, which I’ve been running since January…

Not quite sure what will be appearing here – probably some analysis, random photography. And possibly peacock ladies:

Peacock lady in Berlin


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