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Journalists: get your liveblogging boots on the ground

Sketching a liveblogging team

Well, this is a good quote:

“We’ve sort of evolved to this bizarre thing where people sit within newsrooms and cover breaking events from afar,” Tinworth said.

“Actually I think one of the things, particularly the big news organisations who have multiple people, should be thinking about is how they can get reporters with their boots on the ground, producing video, producing audio, producing pictures they can all feed back and make that liveblog a much richer, much more multimedia experience when a breaking news event happens.

I can’t quite believe I managed to be that articulate when Rachel spoke to me on the phone – it was only a few weeks after Hazel was born – but I sound like I know what I’m talking about. There’s also much wisdom from Josh Halliday and Neil Macdonald.

(Image from the liveblogging course I taught last night. Me and flip charts…)

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Adam Tinworth   Adam Tinworth

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