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Please read my desperate Google Reader bandwagon post

Great post from the Digbot 3000 on the desperate scramble for search traffic around Google Reader’s imminent demise:

My beef is with the agencies and professionals who will undoubtably see this as an opportunity to create a topical, interesting article to generate traffic – why is this beefy? Because the majority of them won’t have even considered what traffic they’re getting, they will be writing articles for the sake of it (blog schedule, marketing KPIs, fill the time etc). All of them hoping to rank and generate organic traffic for a search term that will last about 1 week, followed by a slow trickle til July 1st and then a sudden peak again as everyone reveals their ‘comprehensive reader review’ articles in a bid to show you that it is in fact they who are the most cutting edge.

Content tactics masquerading as content strategy…

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