Rekindling the RSS fire?
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Rekindling the RSS fire?

A quick addendum to last night’s post – a quick cut of the analytics data from my blog shows Feedly and the Old Reader emerging as growing referrers over the last couple of weeks.

I am really enjoying seeing the range of readers emerge as Google Reader winds down. There are some, like Bloglovin’ which seems to target and promote the idea of feed reading to specific communities really well, while others are more about supporting Google Reader refugees.

This arrived from Bloglovin’ this morning:


Nice, clear explanation of the benefits of RSS reading. A very clear targeting of lifestyle bloggers. Lots of badges for bloggers to display on their websites. Niche tools? A compelling explanation of what the tool does? This is what RSS has always needed.

I’m beginning to feel a little hope that we might actually see a resurgence of RSS…


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