One of those mornings

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Right about now, I should have been emerging into a rainy London from News UK’s headquarters after a “blogger briefing” on the new Sun paywall. Instead, I’m sat in a lovely cafe in my home town, because some poor unfortunate ended their days in front of a train at East Worthing.

It’s a shame – I’d have loved the chance to put questions to the team the about their philosophy and expectations around Sun+. The conventional wisdom is that people are more likely to pay for “news you can use”- like the FT for example – than general news. Something which borders on entertainment as much as news, like The Sun, seems like a serious challenge. Greenslade has broken down some of the details this morning, a piece which appears to express some doubts about the model.

Luckily, according to the invite list, there were folks from and The Media Briefing there – and Hobbo, too. I’ll link anything good from them as it emerges.

(Dammit, I just accidentally buttered the edge of my iPad.)

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