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National Geographic photographer + iPhone 5s + Scotland

National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson left his Nikon at home, and has been capturing a trip to the Scotland with an iPhone 5s. It’s not all been plain sailing, but the results are pretty impressive:

What surprised me most was that the pictures did not look like compromises. They didn’t look like I was having to settle for second best because it was a mobile phone. They just looked good. Nothing visually profound is being produced here, I would have to say. But it feels good, and I even noticed some of the folks on our tour putting big digital cameras aside once in a while and pulling out their cell phones when they just wanted to make a nice picture.

I’ve not had much time to play with my iPhone 5s – having been laid up in bed sick for days on end hasn’t helped – but I’ve been quietly impressed by what it can do. It’s a huge jump in quality from my old iPhone 4.

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Adam Tinworth   Adam Tinworth

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