Welcome to the mobile first world

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

The news world is going mobile-first, fast:

Forget mobile-first, what about mobile only? More than one in five people in the UK who accessed news publications online in September did so only via mobile devices.

And in some publications it looks even more dramatic:

Many of the top 20 news websites in the UK by visitor numbers have far higher proportion of readers accessing exclusively via mobiles and tablets. Both the Mirror and the Evening Standard had 42 percent of their visitors accessing via mobile only.

I’ve been working with some publishers who see very distinct and clear patterns of shifting consumption trends – not completely to mobile, but to periods of the day (and the weekend especially) – that’s making them rethink their entire content creation workflow.

New devices, new times of day = new opportunities.

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Yes, I know this blog isn’t mobile optimised yet. I’m going to tie that in with shifting to WordPress as soon as I can. Hopefully, it’ll be a lovely New Year present for my readers…

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