Publishers and iPads: half a decade on
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Publishers and iPads: half a decade on

Publishers and iPads: half a decade on

My predictions for the relationship between magazine publishers and iPads five years ago:

  • Companies will seize on the magazine-like form factor and the “book replication” iBooks interface to build what are, in effect, straight replications of print titles on the platform
  • They will add the sort of “interactive” extra elements that made CD-ROMs such a compelling experience back in the 90s (please note: that was sarcasm).
  • Readers will try them out, find the experience unfulfilling, and return to just using the web via the browser on the device.
  • As HTML5 takes off, the web experience will accelerate away from the print one, leaving all but the most innovative, up-market print titles on the steady spiral into oblivion.

I was almost completely correct. And it feels really shitty.


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