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Did Adobe just kill DPS?

Did Adobe just kill DPS?

Did Adobe just kill DPS?

Adobe has just announced that its DPS platform – used for making tablet editions of print publications – is being replaced by AEM Mobile. Pugpig’s Jonny Kaldor:

In essence, Adobe have switched their emphasis from publishing to enterprise app development. This represents a significant shift in both industry focus and scale. Until today, DPS was a product that was almost uniquely aimed at building digital editions of print products. The target market was publishers large and small, who wanted to create mobile versions of their traditional brands. Now Adobe are focusing on enterprise clients who want to benefit from a larger suite of products aimed at automating app development in general rather than just publishing.

Now, Pugpig is an alternative (and rather lovely, to be fair) route for getting an app together, so there’s clearly a vested interest in spinning the news this way. But reading around the subject, it does look like the end for DPS – and that asks some serious questions of those magazines using it to reach tablets.

Not least of these is: is it even worth migrating to an alternative?

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