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The Lad Bible aims to grow up a little

The Lad Bible aims to grow up a little

The Lad Bible is gradually de-ladding itself:

“[When it started] The Lad Bible was a 14-year old kid that had just discovered porn,” said the publisher’s junior creative strategist Jordan Schwarzenberger. “But what is amazing is that it has evolved so much away from that as it realised it’s not healthy and not a good attitude to have about the world. People from the outside looked in and said what are you guys doing, why are you promoting being misogynistic, and it took that on board.”

This seems to be the playbook for digital publishers: start with something fun, lightweight that gets dismissed by serious publishers – and once you’ve built an audience and a style, interate towards winning a wider and more serious audience.

This certainly show what they’re capable of:

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