Medium kills the reader memberships of its final partners

Medium continues the cull of all the features that made it a worthwhile platform to build a business on.

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Remember when Medium was encouraging publishers to build their sites on Medium, and charge subscriptions?

Yeah, not so much anymore:

“Publication owners with active paying members were alerted on April 27th that we intended to begin the process of discontinuing the program on May 7th. Beginning that date, individual memberships would be canceled as they came up for renewal,” Enan said in an email via a Medium spokesperson. “Memberships would not be canceled mid-term. Thus, the final cancellation of the publication membership program will be in June once all individual memberships have non-renewed.”

I didn't even need to take my socks off to count the number of days' notice they gave: 10.

It's certainly possible that this might kill off some of those titles, as that's precious little time to find and set-up an alternative membership solution.

As Chris Faraone, founder of the [Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism], told Shan Wang of Neiman Lab:

Could we have a better metaphor for the way Silicon Valley considers local journalism?

Never mind, though. They'll be remembered as necessary martyrs when Ev Williams saves the internet.

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