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Whatever happened to WikiTribune fixing news?

Whatever happened to WikiTribune fixing news?

Wait… wasn't Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales fixing news? What happened to that?

Last month, WIRED picked over what looks suspiciously like the soon-to-be corpse of WikiTribune, Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales' attempt to "fix" news:

According to other former staffers (who asked not to be named), that was not the project’s only miscalculation. They paint a picture of generalised improvisation and lack of direction, in which founders scrambled to chart a way forward while failing to grasp the practicalities of journalism and news-gathering. Wales wanted to rescue journalism, but, to his team, it was not clear whether he understood journalism in the first place.

It's a lovely mix of the arrogance of the one-hit founder, and the general lack of understanding of how complex journalism actually is. Wikipedia has enough problems of its own (and new competition) - this feels like a not-terribly-useful distraction.

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