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TL;DR issue 1

A weekly round-up of all you need to keep your engaged journalism skills sharp.

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

What is TL;DR? It stands for “too long; didn’t read”, and is ancient internet slang. But it also acknowledges that journalists and other publishing types are busy people who don’t have time for reading a lot of extraneous material.

I’ve experimented with a variety of aggregation formats here over the past couple of years, and the ones that get the most traction tend to be the short, snappy ones. Journalists do not want epic newsletters (even if they tend to write them). They're just too damn busy to read them.

Deadlines: spoiling everyone's fun. 😇

This first few TL;DRs will be open to everyone. For the rest of the year, it will be for subscribers only. From January, it will be for paid subscribers only. (All assuming that the format works and that people like it…)

I hope you enjoy it — and find it of value.

Creator Economy

  • 🤑 The creator economy is only making a handful of people rich — early days yet, but indications are that this could be another situation where only a handful of the biggest names make a living from this, and they make an exceptional living at that. And the rest of us scrabble around after the table scraps…
  • 👷So maybe it needs a middle class.
  • 👾 Interview with a Twitch streamer earning seven figures… I think she counts as one of the rich handful.



Audience Engagement




  • 🎧 Which countries have the most podcast listeners — and why?



Newsroom Management


There you go. I hope you found that useful — feedback gratefully received.

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