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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

A lot’s happened since I last did a tl;dr, so expect a mix of links from over the last six weeks below — and probably for the next couple of weeks as I play catch-up.

Thanks for all the great feedback about this format, by the way. It’s clear many people find it useful, and that gives me an incentive to keep on going.

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Twitter using the ban hammer: actual footage


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Satire is not dead

Two men called Smith are off to launch a new media venture. This isn’t the press release — but it might as well be:

In so many ways, the global news industry is failing its audience. It’s time for a bunch of people currently occupying the highest echelons of that industry to reinvent it from the bottom up.

Read it all. But you might want to read this first, to understand what’s being satirised…

And, finally, read Charlie Beckett’s take on it all.

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