Hot Community Editor Action - Live!

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Today, from 9am, and all day, 3 of our community editors, alongside my colleague Andrew, our head of user content, will be using CoverItLive to talk about their day, what they actually do, and interact with anyone interested.

You can follow the day’s proceedings, starting in just a few minutes, on Engagement 101.

The victims volunteers include Isabel from Farmers Weekly, Stuart from Flight Global and Simeon from Community Care.

(If you’re wondering what this “chogging” business is, it’s a term coined by Andrew as a cross between chat and blogging. I was keen not to associate the term liveblogging too directly with CoverItLive, as I just knew that I’d have to spend the next six months explaining that the app isn’t the be all and end all of liveblogging to our journalists.)

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