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Plurk: 3 Week Verdict on MicroBlogging Service

Plurk: 3 Week Verdict on MicroBlogging Service

This way of accessing Plurk makes it a different experience for me than Twitter. I have Twitter running all the time, getting updates either through software on my computer, or my mobile phone. It’s firmly in the arena of ambient awareness.

Plurk, on the other hand, is somewhere I visit, more akin to a forum, but with a very low time commitment. And you have the ability to have little conversation thread below each plurk, as well as sharing videos and photos. As a result, it has a real sense of fun that I don’t get from Twitter. And maybe that’s why I use it so much. Well, that and the quest to boost your Plurk karma (which gets you more options in the service) is pretty addictive…

Sadly, though, I’m been absolutely thrashed in the poularity stakes by two of my colleagues, Nathan and Nicki of Travel Weekly, who are 7th and 17th in London respectively. The shame, the shame.


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