Coffee & Headphones

And here’s your link-dump from my reader from Wednesday’s reading:
- The [BBC’s Paul Mason talks about journalism, bloggers]( and the relationship with managers. Remember to go through the comments, because he clarifies his position at the end.  - The Guardian‘s Kevin Anderson argues that [open web systems and the flexibility they bring to publishing are a boon to journalists](, not a threat. - And here’s a [journalist triggering a great discussion of what his job should look like](, bearing these new tools in mind.  - Will the journalists that [publishers lay off in this recession]( become their new competitors? - [RIP printed Exchange & Mart]( That’s the death knell of printed classified you can hear tolling.  - So, is it time for us to reach t[he fifth stage of grief]( as we mourn the loss of our old way of working? (That’s acceptance, by the way…)
And now, I go off to go swimming in the snow. Which is actually more fun than social media, but only just… 🙂