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Mapping My Twitter Network


I first saw this over [on Kris’s blog](http://kristinelowe.blogs.com/kristine_lowe/2009/03/my-secret-twitter-network.html), but my colleague [Martin](http://www.itsdevelopmental.com/) was kind enough to actually put [my details into the mailana service](http://twitter.mailana.com/profile.php?person=adders). And what does it do? Well, it maps your Twitter network based, I think, on the degree of inter-messaging between the people on it. 
It’s tempting to read to much into this, but some trends do emerge. Just up and to the right of me is a tight core of online journalists and online journalism educators, who talk amongst themselves a lot. [Mr & Mrs Charman-Anderson](http://strange.corante.com/) appear to talk to each other quite a lot. RBI folks all appear to be scattered around the periphery, with relatively weak inter-communication. [Graham](http://www.noodlepie.com/) appears to a small hub in his own right. 
I saw these graphs used a lot back in my active [Livejournal](http://adders.livejournal.com) days, and I do think that they illustrate clearly just how much these services are, in fact, social networks, even if they don’t fit the Facebook-style model we associate with the term.