#csnf - Managing the Modern Employee

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Robert Johnson, strategic consultant at the Central Office of Information, knew nothing about social networking when he took on the talk.

60s: people told what to do without explanation
70s & 80s: more communication and buy-in
90s: Corporation as friend, expectation of employees as innovators. Blame-free, supportive culture. 
We have baby boomers, GenX and Generation Y in the workplace at the same time. Three different sets of people with different needs and aspirations – but the general shift is from telling people what to do to a collaborative environment.
Lots of detail on Johnson’s speech – hopefully the slides will be up after the event, because there’s more than I can capture here. The summary is that the GenYers with their need for engagement are more prevalent than ever before. People are happier, more productive and more likely to stay if they have good relationships – so you can’t ignore the new social tools. But implementing is a complex, many-layered thing, particularly at the social rather than technological level.
Key points:
- Recognise that sharing and learning are valued - Seek out information for yourself - Bee a good networker - Support others - be inclusive - Be sensitive to commercial boundaries - Use tech to add value - Consider their work/life balance.

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