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Good Listening: This Week in Google

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I’ve just been reminded by a discussion on our company [Yammer]( that I meant to recommend a new podcast called [This Week in Google]( It’s the latest offering from the [TWiT]( stable, is hosted by Leo LaPorte, and features journalism blogger [Jeff Jarvi]( and smater-working blogger [Gina Trapani]( 
Why do I recommend it? Well, it’s really good at putting the changes coming to journalism in the context of what’s happening in the rest of the web. All four published episodes are worth listening to, but I recommend [episode 3](, with [Anil Dash]( of [Six Apart](, in particular. 
Excellent brain food. 

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Adam Tinworth   Adam Tinworth

Adam has been a blogger for over 20 years, and a journalist for more than 25. He currently works as a consultant and trainer, helping people do better, more engaged online journalism.


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