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Le Web: Chris Sacca on Douchebags, Pr0n and Lube

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Three more words, but this time for 2010 (and quite rude) from [Christopher Sacca]( of Lowercase Capital:
“I’m optimistic about the demise of the douchebag”, says . There are millions of them online, and they disrupt online conversations. In the early days they seized controls of the web. The real time web brings us authenticated identity systems – so we’re verified against a real community: the real web! (Especially with location information). And we’ll get more collaborative action from that. 
I wish I could say I’ve never seen a man getting excited about graphics before, but I have. I work in publishing. But actually, he’s talking about data – and all the platforms are offering more and more data. And that is eventually going to enrich the services we provide. 
Amazon and iTunes have made it so easy to purchase things and they’ve removed so much friction from it that people develop “habits”. Web services need to remove that friction. Posterous allows you to just e-mail stuff to them without any account creation. They provide value first, and then you can encourage them to sign up. 

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