More Paywall Discussion
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More Paywall Discussion

adam on skyA few interesting follow-ups to my posts about the content Paywall debate:

- Eric of Websnark explores the idea that [people adapt to what’s convenient for them]( – and if you make visiting news websites an inconvenient part of their daily internet use, by introducing paywalls for example,  people will just route around them.  - Chris of TeleRead explores the idea of[ the wider content culture that newspapers are tending to ignore]( in much more depth than I did.  - Alex Walters makes the point that [it might be spreading their reach internationally]( that saves mainstream news producers, not paywalls. 
Oh, and my piece here landed me on the slot on Sky News last night, as the above picture by former colleague [Simon Loxham]( attests. Pre-Christmas diet ahoy…


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