Things I Failed To Blog About

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Just clearing down some tabs that I meant to blog about – but never got around to. They’re worth a look, though.

1. [Some really interesting stuff about journalists as programmers]( Bet nobody clicks that link on a sunny Friday afternoon with the pubs open… 2. [The good and bad side of enforcing real name on comments]( Another reason why “one size fits all” approaches fail. 3. A video in which [Arianna Huffington will annoy a lot of people]( by talking about her business model. You might not agree with her philosophy – but it’s interesting.  4. [James gets wound up by The Times’ paywall model]( Why am I posting these sorts of links on a Friday evening? Who knows. 5. Look, [have some Wurzels]( and let’s call it quits. 
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