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Tweeting from an iPadA little while ago, I was flicking through feeds in Newsrack on my iPad. I chose to share an article via Twitter, in the application. I pressed send – and saw the Tweet pop up immediately in Seesmic Desktop II on my work Dell laptop, which is on a completely different network.

The [real time web]( "real-time web") is, well, real, isn’t it?
I wonder how many publishers are getting to grips with protocols like [PubSubHubbub]( "Pubsubhubbub") and [Twitter’s user streams](
If we’re serious about news, about exclusives, about breaking stories, we need to understand the new technologies that allow us to get stories out there fast And my gut feeling is that the industry’s low-level technophobia and conservatism is still holding us back. 
And I wonder how many people reading this are thinking “wow, that was a geeky post”? If that’s what’s going through your mind, try it this way: *there are now ways of getting stories to readers the second we push publish. Why aren’t we taking advantage of this? *
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