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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Ariel Garten

Ever wanted to control your computer by your brain alone? Ariel Garten, CEO of Interaxon, is showing us that it could be closer than you realise.  She’s also  showing us her brain. Not, admittedly, by opening her skull and showing us the meat inside, but by wearing a brainwave monitor (which you can see in the photo), and then projecting the waves onto the screen behind her:

She’s giving us a potted history of brain monitoring tech, from the 10 pounds of equipment, to a size-and-price revolution in the late 90s. Now, it’s in toys, like the Star Wars Force TrainerZEO Sleep Trainer is putting it to a more positive use. It’s being used to aid people with ADD, too, and to control wheelchairs. And the more it’s used, the better it becomes.

And soon you’ll be able to use it with your iPad on a game called Zenbound.

Downloading our brains into computers? Not going to happen, she says. Using our brains to control many devices around us? It’s happening now, and it may be the next, big transformative technology.


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